A Story Of Trust by Tirumala Tejas

A Story Of Trust by Tirumala Tejas


One day badger had a party and called the Mr Fox family and the Hare who had recently become a friend to Mr Fox.
“Hey guys!!  We are now in deep trouble. All our food is going to ran off very soon. If we don’t get the food, we will have no parties.  Imagine parties with no food?” said badger.

“Nooooooo, parties without food like a KFC without Chicken” cried, Mr. Fox.

“So we better prepare ourselves… here is the plan!! Every one of fox family will to Bean’s house and the Hare will go to Bunce’s house and I will go Boggis house to collect the yummy stuff” said the Badger.

All said “Hurray hurray!!!” Hare started singing.

Hey Boogie woogie.. am a cutie little witty hairy hare… going to Bunce house through a tunnel of paradise.. grab all my sweetie little carrots, beans.. happy happyyyyy”

“Looking at Hare, Oh  …Again started singing” exclaimed Badger.

Then all of them went through the tunnels to Boggis, Bunce and Bean houses, it was a nice and fantastic ride with lot of fun between.

Once after reaching their destination, grabbed all food items and were about to leave.

Suddenly there was a big sound SNAP!

All of us were trapped.  Vaguely, Mr. Fox saw three people (Guessed them as 3 B’s i.e Boggis, Bunce and Bean) covered with head gear captured all of us and transferred to a big cage and then rode in the jeep.

During the ride, can hear some mumbling voices from Bean who wanted to take all of us to Abu Dhabi, an unexplored place.

After reaching the airport, we have been kept in the Animals cargo and the 3 B’s went to their seats.

After 5 hours of drive, Boggis, Bunce and Bean came back to pick us in the Cargo but we were not found.

“Where did the animals go!” said Boggis in a rude voice.

“Well, let’s find them” pointed out Bean.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fox and their friends escaped from the cage due to turbulent drive made some cargo luggage fell down where cage got broken and made them free.

Mr. Fox got an exceptional idea by seeing a huge Limousine, which is about to leave.

“Let’s get a ride from this car” said Fantastic Fox.

They all grassed to the back of the car where the driver was putting the luggage in.

They all jumped inside, SURPRISE!! and got a shock of their life….

GUESS WHAT? They saw there three enemies in the car, Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

Mr. Fox immediately alarmed all his friends to sneak inside the Bonnet.

After half an hour, the car stopped at Corniche and the driver opened the Bonnet to pick some water can.

Taking this opportunity, the animals jumped out petrifying the driver.

“Run Run Run…” Mr. Badger said to his friends.

Then all of them ran to the beach…


“Whoa! This is like a paradise” said the Badger. “Dad, can we explore this new place” said all the cubs.

A newspaper flied from somewhere stuck at their feet with headline news saying that a jail-breaker named “Eager Ox” escaped from the prison who slaughtered many Foxes.

Mr. Fox worried for a second and broke the silence and said “only for 25 minutes to explore, Okay” said to his cubs.

Then all of them instantaneously went to the beach.

The Badger and the Hare laid in the sand and closed their eyes because of the warm, sizzling sun, mean-while, the cubs were having their own entertainment while surfing in the sea.

In the meantime, Mr. and Mrs. Fox were seriously thinking why Bunce, Boggis and Bean bought them to Abu Dhabi.

Suddenly, just in front of them, a taxi was stopped and three people came out it with huge nets.

“Stop, you smelling beasts” said Boggis trying to catch the foxes. Bean was running so fast on the Corniche Road, then he grabbed a skateboard from a small kid and caught Mr. Fox.

Luckily Mrs. Fox escaped due to Red Light Blinked at the signal.

That was when Mrs. Fox reached to their friends and told them everything about what had occurred.

“We cannot let dad get abducted” said the cubs.

“We will also help by saving your dad” said the Badger and the Hare.

“Dad is always the one who protects us but now it’s the time to save him” said the cubs.

“Let’s unite and kick them out” all said in chorus.

“Now let’s make a plan” said Mrs. Fox.

“First let’s see if we can find him” said the Badger.

“I will find him as I am the firmest” said the Hare.

“And I will free him” said the Badger.

“We cubs and Mom will be do a diversion” said the eldest cub.

“Now, let’s begin our plan, the Hare will go and search for 3 B’s (Bunce, Boggis and Bean) and in the meanwhile we all wait here” said Mrs. Fox.

Hare started hopping off to find Mr. Fox while the others are waiting for the signal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fox was on a street carried by Bean.

“So what exactly is the plan boss” asked Boggis.

“You nitwit… our plan is to sell this pecking fox to my Brother who is animal trader so that we can raise some money and destroy the mountain where those monsters live” said Bean.

“Eh, boss can we have the extra money” asked Boggis.

“Shut up” said Bean. That was when the Hare reached Mr. Fox and was really quiet as the 3 B’s entered a huge abandoned warehouse near Etihad Towers.


“Ok, tell the others that we all are in great danger” said Mr. Fox to the Hare. The Hare nodded and ran back and told everyone what happened

“So you are saying that Mr. Fox is in an abandoned warehouse” asked the Badger. “Yeah” said the Hare, in gasping voice.

“We should not wait any more, everyone remember the plan” instructed the Badger as all of them nodded and followed the Hare to the warehouse.

As soon they reached they all went into their positions and about to start their plan.

Suddenly, they saw some known face slowly walking inside the Warehouse with 2 henchmen, surprisingly he is none other than a jail breaker “Eager Ox”

Suddenly he and his 2 henchmen disguised into Bean, Boggis, and Bunce.

The original 3 B’s were confused to see other men in their disguise.

“What’s this brother I thought you wanted the fox” asked Bean to disguised “Eager Ox”.

“Don’t call me brother, who do you think you are?” said Eager Ox to Bean.

“I came here to rob the gold on your name” said Eager Ox and instructed his men to put all 3 B’s into a closet and locked it.

“Now, we will go to the bank and rob all money and gold and my brother and his nitwits will be to blame and gone to jail”

The animals now were very confused as Mrs. Fox said “What-ever we discussed we have to apply it on Eager Ox” and they all were in action.

First Mrs. Fox and cubs started throwing some screws on Eager Ox and his gang and Eager Ox ordered his gang to catch Mrs. Fox and that was when the Badger freed Mr. Fox.

That is the time, Eager Ox got hold of the Hare and pointed his gun towards him and suddenly everyone stunned. There was moment of pause when Mr. Fox took a metal rod and hit Eager Ox’s head from behind and he fainted.

Considering it as a right time, Mrs. Fox took out a phone from one of the henchmen and pressed 999 and started doing some weird funny noises trying to explain the police.

The police tracked the call in no time and were amazed to see the Eager Ox who escaped from the prison. They freed Boggis, Bunce and Bean and send back to their home place.

The Government of Abu Dhabi announced bravery awards to Mr. Fox and the team for their braveness to catch such a notorious criminal. Also they have been awarded full Family passes to all amazing theme parks of UAE (Ferrari World, IMG and Dubai Parks and Cities).

Not to mention one and only Burj Khalifa… WOW Amazing UAE..

And this time, they did not travel in Cargo but in First Class Etihad Airbus 380 with Spa facilities.

Hare enjoyed eating bunches of Dutch Carrots and enjoyed non-turbulence ride.

In the meantime, Bean, Boggis and Bunce already putting their plan back in Cargo how to chase and catch Mr. Fox which indeed impossible.




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