Horrible Histories author Terry Deary


10 things you never knew about Horrible Histories author Terry Deary

As part of our work in bringing the top shows for theatre to the UAE, we tend to get rather involved in the genres and the backgrounds of those shows. We do this so that you, the audience, can really understand and appreciate just what makes a West End performance such an exciting and important experience.

For Barmy Britain Part 2, for example, we’ll be running a raft of fun and interactive competitions and making the event live for our young audiences as much as possible. And, when our friends at The Birmingham Stage Company suggested we have a chat with the man who created the entire Horrible Histories phenomenon, Terry Deary, we jumped at the opportunity.

Terry very kindly answered lots of our questions, and let us in on a few gory details that we can expect to see when Barmy Britain Part 2 hits the UAE’s stage. Right now, the show has been such a success in London’s West End, that it’s fully booked until November 2014!

So, as a taster for things to come, here are a few facts about Terry Deary that you never knew, read on…

1) Terry doesn’t consider himself a historian, despite the fact that he’s written 126 Horrible Histories books. In fact, he thinks historians can be very dry and boring!

2) He originally trained as an actor and worked as a drama teacher, so is a huge theatre enthusiast.

3) The first Horrible Histories book Terry ever wrote was The Terrible Tudors in 1993

4) He never gets writers block – and considers the fact that he’s written over 200 books, an easy job.

5) His dad was a butcher, which Terry says, compared to writing, was a much harder occupation.

6) He’s sold 25 million copies of his books in over 40 countries.

7) He absolutely hated school, and preferred to work in his father’s butchers shop.

8) He has now been writing books for 38 years

9) His first published novel for kids was called The Custard Kid

10) In 2010, he was named 10th most borrowed author from British libraries

To find out more about the very interesting Terry Deary, read our full interview with him in September 2014’s Time Out Kids Dubai 


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