Children’s Theatre and the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2017

Children’s Theatre and the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2017

Children’s Theatre and the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2017:  It’s that time of year again. We at Art For All were delighted to have been shortlisted for five of our shows for the the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards for Best International Theatre!

This year we’re thrilled to tell you that we won the Highly Commended award for our show Mr Stink, which is the famous stage adaptation of the bestselling children’s book by author David Walliams.

It’s been quite a hectic year for us so far, and with two HUGE shows coming to the UAE in November, we’re struggling to draw breath as usual. But, there’s no time like the present to celebrate having our work recognised through this awards ceremony that honors many local companies and individuals who bring innovations to families living in the UAE.

This year, in total, we were nominated for five of our shows, which is extremely flattering!

Our shows selected for younger audiences (aged 2+), were Guess How Much I Love You, and The Naughty Dog, Lambert Puppet Theatre which were both shows  debuted at DUCTAC in May and July this year. We like to ensure that our shows appeal to a wide range of ages – and that children are able to experience and appreciate live performance from an early age. These two gorgeous children’s theatre productions were aimed specifically at toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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For slightly older audiences and young readers, our shows this year (as always) drew inspiration from great children’s authors, this time Roald Dahl and David Walliams. These shows were Fantastic Mr Fox Live and Mr Stink

It’s part of the Art For All philosophy to reinforce literacy. By engaging children in these bestselling tales through children’s theatre and live performance, we like to think that their interest in such works is encouraged. As part of our literacy initiative, we also ran a creative writing competition in association with the Roald Dahl Estate, the British Council and Fantastic Mr Fox Live. It was a huge success and we got some fabulous entries. Both of these shows were a brand new experience for us. It was the very first time we’d had a David Walliams production. It was also the very first time Fantastic Mr Fox Live had performed on a world tour. The brand new show, which took London’s West End by storm, was a huge production with stunning sets – and it was also the perfect way to celebrate the centenary of the legendary Roald Dahl.

Our final nomination is also for older audiences (although still in the 6+ catagory). For years we have partnered with the Horrible Histories team in London’s West End. The Birmingham Stage Company works directly with the legendary Terry Deary (HH author and creator) to produce their hilarious stage shows. This year we brought The Best Of Barmy Britain Part Two to the UAE.  We love these shows so much, because they are edutainment at it’s best. Kids roar with laughter at the revolting facts and hysterical historical tales told on stage, and because the experience is so much fun, they remember most of what they’ve experienced.

Learning needs to be fun – and we firmly believe that theatre should have a place in all children’s lives. It’s why Art For All is here.

Thank you so much for supporting our shows. All we need to do now is wait for the final, nail-biting results that will be announced at the awards ceremony on September 25th. So, wish us luck – or tell us to break a leg! After all, the show will always go on!

Our Time Out Dubai Kids Awards Shortlisted shows for 2017:

Fantastic Mr Fox Live

Guess How Much I Love You

The Best Of Barmy Britain Part Two

The Naughty Dog

Mr Stink

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