Design your own James And The Giant Peach, magical insect competition!

Design your own James And The Giant Peach, magical insect competition!


Design your own James And The Giant Peach, magical insect competition! We’ve teamed up with 7Days Dubai for our latest artistic pre-show competition!

As you probably know from following our shows and events, we at Art For All are determined that the young theatre buffs who attend our shows get as much as they can out of the whole experience.

For us, a trip to the theatre to see a favourite show, is not just about the event itself. We want our audiences to gain as much joy and insight as possible out of their experience. That means encouraging teachers to read their students the books of our shows before the event – and by getting involved creatively with the theme of the production too.

In May, we are bringing the very latest West End Roald Dahl production of James and The Giant Peach to the UAE for the first time EVER! And we are extremely proud of that fact alone. It’s a play we’ve wanted to have literally for years! But due to the enormous sets involved, it’s only just become a reality.

James and the Giant Peach is probably one of Dahl’s oldest and best loved tales. Not only is it fantastically insanely imaginative (as all Dahl stories are) it’s also remarkably earthy with a very strong message to adults, that above all, they must be kind to children. However, the insect theme is the one that excites us most at the moment. Because we see this as a chance to encourage youngsters to re-engage with the natural world – to put down their iPads and tables and games consols, and to rediscover the beauty of the natural world and it’s wonders!

Yes, we’re running another of our famous art competitions! But this time, it offers slightly different opportunities for inspiration. While James and the Giant Peach explores the common garden backyard bugs of England (ladybugs, centipedes, glo worms and the like, we want you to go out and see what inspiration YOU can find from the back garden bugs of the UAE!

All sorts of opportunities abound here – from silly scorpians to smelly dung beetles and even to the UAE’s famously enormous ants! We suggest you take a magnifying glass out into your back yard and really take a moment to discover some indigenous inspiration! Of course, it’s absolutely fine if you decide conventional English bugs are the way to go.  We can’t wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with.

First prize will be four tickets to the final show on May 13th, and four Roald Dahl books.

Second prize winner will receive four tickets to the final show on May 13th, and two Roald Dahl books.

Both winners will have the chance to talk to the stars of the show, and have their pictures taken with their favourite Insect character.

Age limit: 4-12

Competition opens April 24th and final entries must be received by May 1st.

To enter the competition, simply take a photo of your drawing and upload it on the 7Days website at 7DAYS.ae.


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