Fantastic Mr Fox Live comes to Dubai

Fantastic Mr Fox Live comes to Dubai

Fantastic Mr Fox Live comes to Dubai! Just in case you didn’t know, we at Art For All are mega fans of Roald Dahl. We love all his books, which we grew up with, and we’ve read his stories to our own children too – and got to them all over again. As a theatrical agency, we now have the amazing privilege of indulging in those magically funny and imaginative stories one more time –  through the medium of live stage!

To date, we’ve brought UAE audiences George’s Marvellous Medicine, James and the Giant Peach – and this year – 2017 – it’s going to be the brand new West End show, Fantastic Mr Fox!

Not only is this a very large production (expect some seriously mind-blowing sets) but it’s also been met with five star reviews on the London theatre circuit! So yes, we are very excited about it indeed!

Fantastic Mr Fox is also one of our favourite tales because unlike all other Dahl books, it’s told from the point of an animal, rather than the human world. It has some amazingly dasterdly characters too – like Boggis, Bunce and Bean; three incredibly mean and rather stupid farmers who find themselves outwitted by the wonderful Mr Fox.

Typically, there are some amazing songs in this prodcution, all using the original lyrics penned by Roald Dahl, who as we know, wrote the most brilliant poems and songs for his more fantastical stories for children.

This is a stage show that will NOT disappoint, and a must-see for all Roald Dahl fans young and old. In fact, we recommend you read the book beforehand to your children prior to the show, so that they can fully understand and empathise with the characters on stage too.

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