George’s Marvellous Medicine in Dubai


George’s Marvellous Medicine in Dubai Live On Stage

May 25th to 30th, Madinat Theatre Dubai, Abu Dhabi Theatre

We’re HUGE Roald Dahl fans at Art For all, not only because all his stories are mind-bogglingly brilliant, but because they appeal to children as much as they do to adults – and they are fantastic tales for parents to read with their children. From colourful characters like the Fantastic Mr Fox, The BFG and Matilda, to the thought-provoking and brilliant Danny Champion of the World and the downright ridiculous Twits, Dahl was a genius when it came to telling stories.

We first started working with the Birmingham Stage Company almost a decade ago, and we brought George’s Marvellous Medicine to the UAE way back in 2004 – when to have a West End show come to Dubai was an unheard of event. But even more unheard of was that we’d brought a show for children – not the grown ups.

Since then, George’s Marvellous Medicine has visited the UAE three times, and every time it has proved to be a sell out decision. Why? Because audiences love Roald Dahl. His magical mixture of humour, pathos, and often downright wickedly disgusting characters and descriptions never fail to capture the imaginations of the young and old alike.

Take the revolting character of Grandma for example. What child doesn’t delight in the fact that they are being told her ‘horrid brown mouth was all puckered up like a dogs’ bottom.’ ?

Or, that actually, it’s okay to have relatives you don’t like – and its normal to want to get your own back from time to time too.

Yes, We’re delighted to say that George’s Marvellous Medicine Live On Stage, and adapted by acclaimed playwright David Wood OBE, will be making a 2015 comeback to the UAE – and that frankly, we can’t wait to see it again! We hope you’ll join us on this truly magical stage adventure.

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