George’s Marvellous Medicine Teacher’s pack

George’s Marvellous Medicine Teacher’s pack

George’s Marvellous Medicine Teacher’s packPrepare your class for a fantastic page-to-stage theatrical experience by familiarizing them with the original story. George’s Marvellous Medicine is a huge favourite with children and teachers alike because it’s full of action and excitement – but it’s also one of Dahl’s shortest children’s books.

Reading the the story before they attend the theatre isn’t ‘spoiling the surprise’ for them either. It’s making sure they understand the story nuances, characters and themes so that when they actually visit the theatre, they will be far more equipped to engage with the adventure and the show itself.

George’s Marvellous Medicine is a very well-loved tale. But that doesn’t mean every child is familiar with it. Indeed, the pressure on today’s parents to both work long hours, often means many children miss out on regular reading times at home.

Moreover, there are so many amazing children’s books to choose from these days that it’s possible a large percentage of your class might not have even heard of the story.

Thankfully, George’s Marvellous Medicine is one of Dahl’s shorter childrens’ books – we once read it in just two sessions to our children (although to be honest, it was because we were enjoying the book so much that we didn’t want to put it down!).  That said, it is one of the more palatable texts that could be read to your class over a five-day period without too much difficulty.

We totally understand that teachers have extremely busy and packed curriculums – particularly in the UAE where long vacation periods and numerous public holidays means it’s not always easy to find the time to read an entire book to your class. So, we have come prepared and you can download the brilliant teacher’s resources pack for George’s Marvellous Medicine Live.

In it you’ll find a story synopsis (easier to read this to the class as a starting point) plus character lists, themes, quizzes and more! Working your way through the pack will help your students become familiar with the story and it’s amazing characters, so that when it comes to seeing George’s Marvellous Medicine Live and the theatre, they will know exactly what to expect.

Moreover, being familiar with the story and characters will enable them to engage much more quickly with the theatrical experience. And, it’s also good to chat to them about page to stage adaptation too. After all, squashing a 150-page book into a two-hour performance at the theatre is no easy feat!

A question and answer session on the ways in which the theatrical show differed from the book George’s Marvellous Medicine, would be a good way to assess how much they have absorbed from their encounter with live theatre.

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