Goldilocks interactive theatre comes to schools across Dubai and the UAE

Goldilocks interactive theatre comes

to schools across Dubai and the UAE

Goldilocks interactive theatre comes to schools across Dubai and the UAE: Calling all teachers and play leaders across the UAE! Art for All has co-produced a brand new interactive theatre production. The show can be brought to your schools, nurseries and play centres. It’s also available for commercial spaces such as shopping mall entertainment spaces.

Designed specially with young audiences in mind, The Adventures Of Goldilocks and the Three Bears  is a 40-minute stage show. It  includes songs, dance and audience participation. The production enables young children to experience the magic of live theatre and performance in the comfort of their own environment.

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Children join Goldilocks as she sing songs and tells her father the Woodcutter, all about her adventurous day in the woods. After the 40-minute show, there is also the opportunity for a class photo with the cast. The children all get to say hello to the stars of the show – three, fluffy bears!

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Additionally, children are encouraged to sing along, do the actions and take part in the performance. The show also tells the traditional and well-loved story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Performed by a professional cast of actors and childrens’ entertainers, it has already been a huge hit with audiences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of booking the production is that younger children get to experience a taste of live theatre without having the complication of visiting a local theatre. This is something that can be tiring and over stimulating for children in FS1 and below.

Equally, what could be easier for organizers and teachers, than simply providing a space for the performance?  Our team will do the rest! It’s the perfect way to include theatre as part of the school curriculum. It also ensures minimum disruption for younger students.

Goldilocks Interactive Theatre

If you are interested in booking a theatrical session for your nursery, school, summer camp or children’s event, simply contact us for details. We can advise you on dates and booking slots that are still available.

We don’t set a limit on audience sizes. However, we do advise keeping groups reasonably small (100 or less). This is so that our performers have the opportunity to interact with as many audience members as possible. Engagement is also a big part of the show.

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Recommended for ages 0-7. Available for booking now. Dates available can be advised.

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