Horrible Histories Potent Plays Dubai


Horrible Histories Potent Plays Dubai 2006

This article was published in a UAE national newspaper in 2006. We have always been huge fans of the Horrible Histories series of books, but we became far more involved with them once they were adapted for stage. Since bringing Potent Plays to the UAE, our relationship with the brand and with the Birmingham Stage Company – who produce the plays, has moved from strength to strength. Since then we have had the great pleasure of bringing a raft of Horrible Histories adventures to the UAE theatres, and to thousands of students in the region.

We love the fact that Horrible Histories team brings the goriest and most exciting periods of world history to life. All too often, our children are put off learning about the developments of our societies because history is viewed as boring. Well, we feel privileged to have proved this theory otherwise with the very colourful and comedic teams of actors and producers who make ‘history with the nasty bits left in’ live for our children in theatres and live on stage, through the Horrible Histories phenomenon.

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