What The Ladybird Heard Activities and Puzzles

What The Ladybird Heard Activities and Puzzles

What The Ladybird Heard Activities and Puzzles: Calling all teachers and parents! If you’re planning to take your class – or your little ones to see Julia Donaldson’s West End show What The Ladybird Heard Live, then make sure you prep them first. Ladybirds are truly fascinating creatures! Download our adorable activities – from math quizzes to matching pair games and more. Once they’ve learned all about the magnificent Ladybird, they will be even more thrilled to see what she can do on live stage! Perfect for children aged 2+.


What The Ladybird Heard Maths Dot Game

What The Ladybird Heard Maths Dot Game: Get their grey matter fizzing with this delightfully colourful mathematical challenge. Children can exercise their fine motor skills by first cutting out the ladybird halves. Then all you have to do is use them to solve numeracy challenges. Simply place them together according to math problems to provide the answers.

This fun activity challenges their physical dexterity (be careful with those scissors) and helps with their counting skills too. You could also use this lesson to talk about why the ladybird has her spots – and how different species have different numbers of spots too!


What The Ladybird Heard Animal Sounds Game

What The Ladybird Heard Animal Sounds Game: The perfect activitity for pre-schoolers who are mastering language and sound recognition, this very simple ‘Match the sounds to the animals’ puzzle can be done with the assistance of an adult. Equally, older children just learning to sound out words, can read the animal noises and figure out the puzzles too. A quick and easy activity which challenges their literacy and listening skills.


What The Ladybird Heard Poem Challenge

Ladybird Poem Challenge: Get their literary creativity flowing by challenging them to writ their very own poems about ladybirds! Using the attached example as a guide, encourage them to discover rhyming words, and fun ideas about ladybirds that will help them shape their poems. Have a poetry reading session at the end of the activity and get the children to comment positively on other students poems. Not only does this encourage listening skills (they have to concentrate and hear the work of other people) it also shows them that criticism can be a positive force for creativity.


What The Ladybird Heard Coloring Pages

What The Ladybird Heard Colouring Pages: Colouring is such a healthy activity for children. It encourages them not only to concentrate, but to be creative and use practical skills that will help develop their writing and attention to detail later on.We love this farm yard colouring sheet from What The Ladybird with the entire cast of animals to colour and get creative with.

Use this downloadable sheet as an introduction activity to the story of What The Ladybird Heard. It will help familiarise your children or students with the characters they will meet through when they experience the actual theatre performance.

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