Ministry Of Science Live workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools

Ministry Of Science Live workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools

Emma Blackwell performs an experiment in the Millennium Forum during CultureTECH. Picture Martin McKeown. Inpresspics.com.

Ministry Of Science Live workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools: Learning science with a bang – and more!

This month we brought the fantastic Ministry of Science Live to the UAE. Although we researched the workshops and had watched the videos outlining what goes on, even we were surprised and frankly astonished at how much we learned – and how much we enjoyed these hilarious and noisy science sessions!

Explosions, crazy experiments, and hair-raising demonstrations were all part of the line up for our attending students. There were loads of surprises too – which lead to huge amounts of laughter for the students and science performers too. All in all, it was a brilliant experience and we really can’t wait to bring them to the UAE next year.  But don’t take our word for it. Check out all the zany pictures!!

About the workshops

These pocket-sized 60-minute long workshops run by the UK-based Ministry of Science, are comprised of a 30-minute active science show and a 30-minute hands-on science session. The workshops take students on a journey through the most important scientific discoveries throughout history. After the performance, there’s the chance for children to make their own discoveries during the hands-on session, during which they get to conduct their own supervised scientific experiments

Looking at the different types of energy and the inventors and pioneers who have shaped the modern world, the Ministry of Science  team will take all those that attend on a journey of science, engineering and invention.

Combining the world of education with live experiments and the history of engineering, the interactive shows aim is to focus, inspire and educate through the medium of live theatre.


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