Monstersaurus Activities for parents and teachers

Monstersaurus Activities for Parents and Teachers

Monstersaurus activities for parents and teachers: Calling all teachers and parents! If you’re planning to take your class – or your little ones to see Monstersaurus Live, then make sure you prep them first. Monsters are truly fascinating creatures – and you can use them to set your child – or class’s imagination free! Download our adorable activities ideas from active story telling sessions, to lesson plans for teachers and suggested crafts for a messy but creative afternoon. Once they’ve learned all about magnificent monsters, they will be even more thrilled to see what happens live on stage!


Monstersaurus Lesson Plans

Monstersaurus Lesson Plan: Introduce your class to the delightful story, Monstersaurus – and keep them engaged with the tale by following tips on interactive storytelling. We advise getting all the children involved in the story by asking them questions as the tale progresses, about the various characters and situations. Download our lesson plan on introducing them to Monstersaurus.


Monstersaurus Activities

Monstersaurus Activities:  Want some inspiration on putting on a Monstersaurus event? We can help. Check out our activities checklist to inspire your with lots of monstrous ideas to make your event one to remember. Thinks interactive storytelling, monster costumes, poster making ideas and more…


Monstersaurus Teacher's Resources

Monstersaurus Teacher’s Resources: Get your class into full-trottle monster-mode with these fabulously fun activites that will get their grey matter twitching too. Turn a history lesson into a research session on the greatest monsters from history (we’re thinking old mariner’s tales and the Loch Ness Monster just for starters). Or go the scientific route and explore the extinction of the dinosaurs and more. Perhaps a poem about an imaginary monster will get their creative juices flowing. And you can also follow that up with craft session. Get inspired and download our plan here.

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