Mr Fox In The Desert by Jason Jude Woodward


Mr Fox In The Desert by Jason Jude Woodward

Mr Fox In The Desert by Jason Jude Woodward: Once upon a time, three men called Boggis, Bunce and Bean, ‘the 3B’s’ for the rest of the story, were staring at the television screen. Each of them had their own farm and produced many different things. Boggis produced chickens, Bunce produced turkeys and Bean produced apple juice. They had just bought a lottery ticket and were hoping to win a fully paid trip to the U.A.E. for three. “And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” said the TV presenter, “the winning number is 3608, and the winners are Mr. Boggis, Mr. Bunce and Mr. Bean”.

“Hurray!!” cried the three of them. Just then, a tiny figure peeped into the window. It was a fox, but not just any fox; it was their arch-enemy, Mr. Fox! They could identify him by his tail since he had no tail. “Bean,” said Bunce, “Is that the fox?” “Golly!” said Bean. “You’re right; it is the fox, GET HIM!!!!!!!”

Mr. Fox ran as fast as he could. He ran through the forest to his hill. His hill was very crowded, you see. In the hill lived Mr. and Mrs. Fox and four small foxes, Mr. and Mrs. Badger and three small badgers, Mr. and Mrs. Mole and four small moles, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit and five small rabbits and Mr. and Mrs. Weasel and six small weasels. They were all having a humongous feast, when Mr. Fox ran in. “I’m sorry I interrupted all of you” said Mr. Fox. “I have an announcement to make, Boggis, Bunce and Bean, our natural enemies, are going to the U.A.E and I will go too.” Everyone stared at him with the most horrified look. “You‘re mad!!!!” cried everyone. “Are you going alone??” asked Mrs. Fox. “Alone I will go.” chanted Mr. Fox in a relaxed voice.

As they spoke, the 3B’s were saying their goodbyes to their wives. “I’m afraid I have to go.” said Mr. Fox, “Goodbye everyone!” and fast as lighting, he jumped into the boot of the 3B’s car. The 3B’s got into their car and set off for the airport, unaware that Mr. Fox was nice and cozy inside. Mr. Fox had never been in a car, so he had to get use to the big bumps.

Mr. Fox sighed in relief as they reached the airport. He picked up his provisions and hid in a suitcase. As he peeked, Bean picked up the suitcase and dragged it into the airport. He quietly opened the zip and pounced into Bunce’s cabin bag. It was dark but it didn’t smell of juice, which was fine by Mr. Fox. He watched in surprise as they tossed the suitcases onto the conveyor belt. He thanked his lucky stars he wasn’t in a suitcase otherwise he would have been dead.

As time passed, Mr. Fox had many questions to ask. How does a plane fly? Where do the suitcases go? “That stuff will have to wait.” he told himself, as they got on the plane. “Bunce” said Boggis, “Do you want your bag?” “All right Boggis, my buddy.” “I’m so glad to be away from that rotten fox.” Mr. Fox listened as he fell asleep.

The next day, they landed at Dubai airport. Mr. Fox woke up to find the 3B’s with the suitcases and crates of chicken and turkey and cartons of apple juice. He found out that they were presents for an important official. “I have to get my hands on that stuff somehow”. Blindly, he sprang like a tiger, towards the crates.

Boggis, Bunce and Bean watched in shock as Mr. Fox sank his teeth into a turkey’s neck, ripped chickens legs off and drank every carton of apple juice. “Get him!!!!!” cried Bunce in hatred. The three of them pounced on him, trying to get their hands on him. Mr. Fox jumped away heading for the nearest taxi. The 3B’s had no trouble finding a taxi and drove straight after him. Mr. Fox asked his taxi driver to take him to the Burj Khalifa.

Mr. Fox looked up in awe as he saw the tallest building in the world. Just then, he saw the 3B’s scramble out of their taxi. He hid behind a car as the 3B’s charged past him. “Where is that fox?” grumbled Bunce. Mr. Fox scrambled into another taxi and took off without the driver.

Mr. Fox drove towards the desert. He stopped at the top of a sand dune and got out. He had read his guidebook which told him that there was a local dune-bashing center and camel farm nearby.

Quiet as a mouse, he snuck into a Toyota Land-Cruiser, parked at the dune-bashing center and started its engines. He looked around and was shocked to find the 3B’s had caught up with him. They piled into another car and took off after him, the engine roaring like a lion. The two cars drove through the camel farm at amazing speed and crashed through the fence. The camels were so frightened they all ran away.

The chase continued and Mr. Fox decided to head to the Emirates Park Zoo and blend in with the wildlife there. Mr. Fox ran through the zoo identifying the animals as he passed. He ran into a camel enclosure and sat on one. But it refused to move. So he bit the camel and it took off with him hanging on for dear life.

Soon, the camel’s gallop turned into a trot. Mr. Fox sighed as he finally reached Ferrari-World. He got off the camel, and entered the dome.  He got into a rollercoaster and waited for the ride to start. Seconds later, he was screaming away. Once the ride was over Mr. Fox, glad to be on the ground, immediately headed for Abu Dhabi airport.

Mr. Fox had not seen the 3B’s in a while and he hoped they would miss their flight and wished to never see them again.


                            THE END














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