Mr Stink comes to Dubai and Abu Dhabi theatres

Mr Stink comes to Dubai and Abu Dhabi theatres


Mr Stink comes to Dubai and Abu Dhabi theatres!

Al Jeheli Theatre Abu Dhabi, November 12-13, Madinat Theatre Dubai, November 16-18

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We’re super-excited about the prospect of a brand new series of stage shows coming to the UAE adapted from the bestselling books by David Walliams. Dubbed the new ‘Roald Dahl’ his books are centred around child characters who overcome adversity in very interesting and humorous ways.  So far Walliam’s books have proved so popular with the latest generation of your readers, that not only have they been dramatised by the BBC – but they have also been huge hits in London’s West End.

Encouraging kids to enjoy reading and taking an interest in live theatre, is of course central to our philosophy at Art For All, so when the opportunity arose for us to host Mr Stink in the UAE, we leapt at the chance.

For us, the task of bringing a well known stage adaptation to children, is a delight. Not only does it encourage kids and teachers to pick up the book and read it prior to the show, its also a way of introducing children to the joys of live theatre and the stage.

Like all the best children’s authors, Walliams doesn’t shy away from gritty topics in this latest stage adaptation. Mr Stink is the tale of a little girl who suffers from bullying at her school, and as a result, ends up befriending a homeless tramp – Mr Stink – who happens to conceal some very interesting talents.

So make sure you join us for this fabulous show – produced by CPD Kids Productions, and directed by Jonathon Biggins, this magical tale of an extraordinary friendship is a treat the entire family will enjoy!


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