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2021 here we come!

The Royal Ballet presents The Nutcracker

Live music


Winter Gala Ballet

JOIN US for a stunning matinee performance of choreographed ballet and music from some of Dubai’s most accomplished young dancers. For more information, please email info@artforall.ae or call 050 8805074

Socially distanced events

Sing for Lebanon

YOUNG VOICES call for compassion and giving at this special time of the year for the people of Lebanon. A fund-raising event for the families of Beirut. For more information, please email info@artforall.ae or call 050 8805074

Independent cinema


Mirdif Club!

ART FOR ALL brings you Mirdif Club, a special place for creative kids which is in collaboration with Baby Sensory UAE, for a range of exciting and stimulating classes for little ones. Music, art, sing-alongs and lots of parent/child play. For more information email us today at info@artforall.ae

Join us at Mirdif City Centre for fabulous, fun and messy play - sticky fingers guaranteed!

Big fun for little ones!


Learn the arts

Piano Lessons

SOUND perception, keyboard techniques, singing, active listening, reading scores, helping students sharpen their sight-reading, memorizing an entire piece, playing dynamics and rhythms and more. Contact info@artforall.ae  

Piano lessons

MIRVAT art classes

LET YOUR LITTLE ONES loose with the paints and pens as they find their innermost creativity with Mirvat Art Classes. Unstructured, fun, classes that help unleash young imaginations and develop skills. Email info@artforall.ae

art classes

Drama classes

Discover the basis and techniques of theatre and improvisation with these new, confidence-boosting drama classes that cover body management, memorization skills, teamwork, wittiness and more. Please email contact@culture-emulsion.com

Drama classes

ADWAR Theatre Club

Join NOUJOUM ADWAR Theatre Club and enjoy the rich performing arts program. The little ones will improve their Arabic language while promoting self-confidence and self-discipline. Please email info@artforall.ae  or call 050 88050748 for info.

classes MOE 2021 Ad1

Learn to dance

Senior Ballet Classes

Senior ballet enthusiasts will love these winter camp classes especially developed for older children in mind. Join the class and enjoy the art of refined dance, rhythm and flexibility. Perfect for all abilities. Email info@artforall.ae

Senior baller

Junior Ballet Classes

Hone your child’s ballet skills and flexibility as well as developing their confidence and helping them to keep fit. Ballet is a multi-disciplined dance medium that trains the mind as much as the body. For more information email info@artforall.ae 


Hiphop classes

A superb class for all dancers out there! Learn different hip-hop dance choreographies by UAE’s most sought after choreographers, performers, and world hip-hop champions and record holders. Contact info@artforall.ae for info.


Belly dancing classes

Ever wanted to learn the art of belly dancing? This fun and fitness-inspired range of carefully choreographed classes for beginners, kids, teens and fitness enthusiasts will be a winner for all abilities. Contact info@artforall.ae.


Educational classes


Gift your children an exploration of Palestinian culture and heritage with Zeitoun Kids. Activities include arts & crafts, dabke, storytelling and embroidery. For more information on classes and booking, email zaytounkids@gmail.com or call 050 454 1656 / 050 2926332.


Parliamo Italiano

CAIO! Paliamo Italiano is the perfect home for your third-culture child. Students will learn through a range of fun crafts and activities that will encourage curiosity and engage them. For more information email parliamoitalianodxb@gmail.com or call 050 4738337


Classes for little ones

SPECIAL CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES  for pre-schoolers. Let your little ones enjoy the structure of a class filled with play. creativity and their peers. Lots of fun for inquisitive toddlers and active preschoolers looking for a sociable outlet. For more info email info@artforall.ae


Iqraa Language

NEED some additional support for their Arabic language studies? Join us at The Theatre for a range of engaging, interactive and tried and tested classes designed to encourage children in the art of linguistics.  Call 056 756 0996. Email info@artforall.ae


Music & dance

Classes for adults

UAE theatre shows available for in-school events

Art For All is now co-producing shows for in-school theatrical sessions. Book our team of professional actors and children’s entertainers for a 40-minute theatre show that also comes directly to your classroom.

Perfect for nurseries, and reception to FS2 ages, our shows are also interactive. Full of songs and dance – they are specially produced to help engage children in the art of storytelling. Visit our info pages now to learn more.

UAE Roald Dahl Theatre & Events

Roald Dahl, if alive today, would be celebrating his centenary. Yet he lives on through the fun, laughter, shock and surprises found in his books. These brilliant texts are still enjoyed by millions young and old.

Furthermore, Art For All routinely promotes Roald Dahl theatrical adaptations. As one of the world’s most beloved childrens’ writers, his numerous works translate into award winning family fun on the stage.

UAE Theatre News

Goldilocks interactive theatre comes to schools across Dubai and the UAE

Goldilocks interactive theatre comes to schools across Dubai and the UAE

Dear Zoo Comes To Dubai Theatres

Dear Zoo Comes To Dubai Theatres

A Brand New Barmy Britain Comes To The Madinat Theatre Dubai

A Brand New Barmy Britain Comes To The Madinat Theatre Dubai

The Night Before Christmas Super-Sleigh Art Competition

The Night Before Christmas Super-Sleigh Art Competition

Design Your Own Alien Competition: Win Tickets To The Theatre!

Design Your Own Alien Competition: Win Tickets To The Theatre!

Aliens Love Underpants Activities for parents and teachers

Aliens Love Underpants Activities for parents and teachers

Screening soon!

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