Sleeping Beauty and Giselle Ballets returns to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Sleeping Beauty and Giselle Ballets returns to Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Sleeping Beauty and Giselle Ballets returns to Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Next month we’re delighted to be welcoming back our good friends from the Moscow City Ballet once again. This internationally acclaimed and well traveled company have already performed several of their classical ballets for audiences in the UAE.

Just last December, we have the absolute pleasure of festive ballet, The Nutcracker, and prior to that, they have treated us to Swan Lake, Cinderella, and also Sleeping Beauty (back in 2012).

One of the things we love about working with the MCB, is their complete dedication to classical choreography. And that will be one of the many aspect we look forward to during these two amazing productions.

Giselle of course, is a well known tragedy, with the beautiful heroine of the tale dying of a broken heart. But her sense of forgiveness prevails and she saves the man she loves from the sinister Wili spirits that entrance broken hearted men who are grieving for their lost loves. For those who adore this haunting tale, it’s ballet not to be missed!

And for family audiences with younger ballet fans, the festive ballet of the season is the wonderful and magical Sleeping Beauty. Follow the classical fairy tale of the king and queen who upset a wicked fairy, who in revenge, places a terrible curse on their only and much-adored baby princess. On her 16th birthday, the princess will prick her finger upon a spinning wheel and fall down dead… At least that’s the plan until the final good fairy Godmother manages to change the unfortunate spell, and the princess and the entire palace are put to sleep for 100 years…. Or of course, until a handsome prince with true love’s kiss can awaken the beautiful princess.

Every little girl’s delight, this stunning production treats audiences to spectacular sets, incredible costumes and of course, amazing choreography. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the start of the festive season.

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