The Globe Theatre comes to Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools

The Globe Theatre comes to Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools

Globe Education Shakespearean workshops come to Dubai

February 22-25, 2015

UNITED KINGDOM, London: A man performs a scene from a Shakespeare play at a free Open Day at Shakespeare's Globe on April 21, 2014. Shakespeare's Globe held the Open Day to mark the legendary playwright's 450th birthday. (AAP Image/NEWZULU/SEE LI). NO ARCHIVING, CROWD SOURCED CONTENT, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

The Globe Theatre comes to Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools: As appreciators of all things theatrical, we at Art For All are naturally huge fans of Shakespeare and all his works. One of the few downsides to living in the UAE is the lack of classical theatrical arts – an issue that we are always seeking to address. It’s one that unfortunately has an impact on school children who are required to study Shakespeare as part of their learning journey and curriculums.

Usually, students who study the Bard’s works in UAE schools have to rely on video content when it comes to experiencing the joys of Shakespeare’s plays. That doesn’t always address their full understanding of the texts and productions, so, we decided to bring Globe Education to them instead.

The magic of Shakespeare and his works are revealed through these amazing workshops, which are run by the prestigious Globe Education team within schools across the UAE. Globe Education is the educational arm of the Shakespeare Globe in London – the reconstructed theatre made famous by the Bard himself more than 500 years ago.

The 90-minute sessions which are being run for students age 13 and up, are tailored to individual school requirements. This means that students can receive in-depth analysis and a fresh perspective on the Shakespeare they are studying as part of their curriculum.

The classes, which are open to a maximum of 40 students at a time, provide participants with the expert guidance on particular works of Shakespeare, by world- leading authorities on the subject. The classes can cover the entire gamut of themes, from theatrical production, to language, meaning and the universal appeal of Shakespearean plays.

Teachers can collaborate with Globe Education experts to plan each workshop according to their student’s needs.

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