Tom Gates Live Comes to Dubai Theatre

Bestselling stage show TOM GATES and author Liz Pichon are coming to Dubai!


Do you want to meet your favourite author? Liz Pichon and the award-winning TOM GATES Live on stage is on its way to the theatre at Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai!

Amazingly, fans of the world-wide bestselling books will get a chance to meet with Liz Pichon at a special meet and greet after the performance. This is the very first time the show has been in the region, which has been created by the Olivier award-winning producers of Gangsta Granny, and Horrible Histories.

Tom Gates Live Comes to Dubai Theatre

The show follows Tom as he tries to keep out of trouble while things go increasingly wrong at home and school. It features favourite characters from the stories including Tom’s best friends Derek and Norman and their band Dogzombies.

It’s not easy to impress Amy Porter and moany Marcus Meldew is doing his best to disrupt things while their teacher Mr Fullerman keeps his beady eye on them all. Things aren’t made easier when his grandparents – The Fossils – announce a big surprise and his Mum, Dad and sister Delia are doing everything to make his life difficult, which means Tom will need all the help he can get to save the day!

Tom Gates is an amazing adventure for all the family. The show is adapted by Liz Pichon and Neal Foster with music by Mark Flannery, directed by Neal Foster, designed by Jackie Trousdale, lighting by Jason Taylor and sound by Nick Sagar.

Liz Pichon is a multiple number one bestselling children’s author and illustrator. Over five million copies of Tom Gates books have sold in the UK and abroad and the series has been translated into 43 languages. Liz Pichon has won over 20 awards including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for ‘Best Fiction for five to 12-year-olds’ and many more.

The Birmingham Stage Company are the award-winning producers of David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny and Awful Auntie. The company produce all the Horrible Histories shows live on stage including the West End productions of Barmy Britain. The company also performs internationally, including David Almond’s Skellig on Broadway and Horrible Histories at The Sydney Opera House.

So, if you’d like the chance to meet your very favourite author (who also happens to be a literary megastar) and you’d like the opportunity to see the incredible Tom Gates Live stage show all the way from London’s West End, make sure you reserve your seats as soon as possible. Spaces are limited and demand is high.



Tickets: AED130

The theatre at Mall Of The Emirates, January 27th-30th

For school bookings: Email dorisa@artforall.ae

For general enquiries: Call 050 880 5074 or visit www.artforall.ae


Five star reviews

“My nine-year-old daughter, Aggie, doesn’t have any quibbles. This adaptation adheres closely to the original as animations in a nifty video design explode across a huge screen. Aggie really loved it. How many stars would she give it? “Five!”

The Guardian


“Liz Pichon’s bright, lively drawings have bags of wit and charm and suggest an eager child’s-eye view of the world. Mark Flannery’s exuberant musical numbers keep the show bouncing and the cast are full of effervescent energy to send Tom’s many devotees away smiling.”

The Times


What makes this show a triumph is its dedication to the original material. It is uncanny how Neal Foster’s direction and Matthew Chase’s performance stays true to Tom’s youth, but somehow makes the show relatable to the adults in the room. The set is the silent star of the show in this genuinely fun and tremendously enjoyable show.

A Younger Theatre


“Excellent production. There are wonderfully inventive projected backdrops and the performances are superb. The result is top class family theatre!”

Bath and Wiltshire Parent


School bookings: Email dorisa@artforall.ae

General enquiries: Call 050 880 5074 or visit www.artforall.ae

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