WIN tickets to Barmy Britain Part Two!


Win tickets to Barmy Britain Part Two!

We love creating a competitive buzz at Art For All. In fact highlighting the educational aspect of our shows is one of our favourite pastimes. That’s why when we finalize the dates for a show that’s coming to the Middle East, we then set about brain storming for competitions that will involve our audiences in the productions before they’ve even arrived in the country.

As education is a big part of Art For All’s agenda, and social media plays a very big part in most youngster’s lives, we decided to combine these two elements and create our first video competition for Facebook.

Called “Can you guess who I am?” we actually flew to London and interviewed members of the Barmy Britain Part Two West End cast – in character. In each clip, the character gives away several clues as to their historical identity – and of course, you, the audience members have to literally, guess who they are…

So far, we’ve had four lucky winners, winning a total of 16 tickets to see Barmy Britain Part Two!!!

Are you history savvy enough to play “Can you guess who I am?”

Find the videos on our Facebook page by clicking below!

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